Covid-19 Disinfection Company in Santa Ana CA
Covid-19 Disinfection Company in Santa Ana CA

The Covid-19 Disinfection Company in Santa Ana CA

The Covid-19 Virus has caused unnecessary losses around the globe. As we continue to gain knowledge and fight the virus, we’re dedicated to protecting our loved ones from the virus with disinfecting techniques and protocols.

A disinfection company like DisinfectCA can provide you with the proper disinfection services for your business or residents!

Disinfection Services in Santa Ana CA

We service both commercial (Warehouses, Facilities, Hospitals, Schools, Businesses) and residential when it comes to disinfecting of Covid-19.

If you have an exposure at one of these places, our disinfecting staff can come in and clean out your place, so you have the ability to open back up safely at your business or live clean in your home.

Commercial cleaning

Mobile UVC Disinfection

We are specifically certified in Covid-19 disinfection, which means we can provide you with sustainable solutions.

Our powerful and safe Hospital grade UVC light towers can attack the virus.

Mobile UVC systems have been used in many industries. This can help your home or business clear out any DNA of the virus.

Disinfectant Fogging Service

We also can offer permanent installations, which will keep your space safe and free of virus.

It will eliminate the need to constantly use disinfecting chemicals to kill bacteria or the Covid-19 virus.

This is a 24/7 working system that is environmentally safe for the planet and the people in those buildings.

clean world
Disinfected cleaning

Permanent UVC Disinfecting

We offer something complementary to our sustainable UVC solutions with a more conventional approach.

Our botanical disinfectants are applied to the surface areas in the form of a fog or mist. This is routinely used in the food and health industries.

It helps to reduce the number of airborne bacteria, as well as apply to the hard to reach areas.

Why Choose DisinfectCA in Santa Ana CA?

While the world is working to get back to regular life, we need to make sure safety and health protocols are in places of business and homes to help stop the spread and curb the virus. Our disinfection solutions can give you assurance that your space will be clean and disinfected of viruses and bacteria.

If you’re looking to disinfect your workspace or home, contact DisinfectCA at 855-577-7500 today or visit us online for more information about our Covid-19 disinfection services!

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