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Most companies only offer chemical answers with possible certifications in water damage restoration or carpet cleaning; they are not certified disinfection specialists. 

Disinfect-CA is specifically certified in COVID-19 disinfection and provides sustainable solutions thus removing liability and giving you and your customers peace of mind. 

Safe and powerful hospital-grade UVC light towers attack the deadly virus at the molecular level. Doses of UVC irradiation at the 253.7nm wavelengths cause irreparable damage to the virus at the DNA/RNA level by breaking the chains linking the DNA strands thus destroying the very organism.


mobile uvc

UVC lighting systems have been used for decades in hospitals, manufacturing, and water treatment facilities. They are a safe, chemical-free way to assure a ‘safe space’ for employees and customers.


Mobile UVC Disinfection Services

Most companies attempt to offer chemical-based disinfection services as an extension of cleaning carpets, cleaning service or water damage repair. To assure the highest standards in disinfection are being achieved and to help keep your home, school, or business free from germs and viruses Disinfect-CA is pleased to offer mobile UVC disinfection services that can destroy 99.99% of harmful bacteria, viruses, and other microorganisms. UVC room disinfection is highly effective in controlling potential outbreaks and killing pathogens quickly and easily.  


What Is Mobile UVC Disinfection?

UVC disinfection is a non-chemical technology that has been used by hospitals, water treatment facilities, and manufacturing facilities for decades. UVC mobile room disinfection is a safe, chemical-free way to assure a ‘safe space’ for employees and customers. 


How Does UVC Mobile Room Disinfection Work?

Safe and powerful, hospital-grade UVC light towers are set up in the room that requires disinfecting. Multiple light towers can be used for large spaces and areas to ensure full coverage. UVC room disinfection processes can also be paused, so the light tower can be repositioned and then resumed.

When bacteria, microorganisms, and viruses are exposed to the powerful UVC light, they are attached at the cellular and molecular level. Their DNA and RNA cells absorb the UV light waves. Doses of UVC light irradiation at the 253.7nm wavelength cause irreparable damage to the bacteria, microorganism, or virus by breaking the chains linking its DNA/RNA strands.

Thus, the very organism is destroyed and rendered ineffective. The organism is no longer able to reproduce and spread.  


How Safe Is Portable UV Light Sterilization?

Portable UV light sterilization is highly effective for disinfection purposes and safe. Mobile UVC surface sterilizers do not use any harmful chemicals. All of our mobile UVC light towers are designed to be operated in the room to be disinfected while it is free from occupants. The UVC room disinfection process operates for a set cycle time.  


Does UVC Mobile Room Disinfection Kill COVID-19?

Portable UV light sterilization, using our UVC mobile room disinfection processes, is highly effective at killing and destroying the SARS-CoV-2 virus (also known as Coronavirus and COVID-19). Mobile UVC disinfection services are not just for COVID-19. They are equally effective at eliminating a wide range of harmful bacteria, microorganisms, and viruses like Tuberculosis, MRSA and H1N1 .

To learn more about our mobile UVC surface sterilizer services, permanent UVC disinfection installations, or electrostatic and thermal fogging services, please feel free to contact Disinfect-CA at (855) 577-7500 today!  

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