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Mold growths are very common inside buildings of all kinds, from skyscrapers to private homes. In many cases, people who work or live in these spaces aren’t even aware of the presence of mold. Nonetheless, mold can make itself felt by causing various health problems for people who inhale airborne spores emitted by these growths.

Mold can harm indoor air quality and cause your home or business to fall out of compliance with State of California mold remediation laws and guidelines. Therefore, it is wise to eliminate mold from interior spaces whenever possible. Your best bet to do that effectively is to call Disinfect CA, experienced California mold removal experts.

Characteristics of Mold

Mold is a form of fungi that can be found in outdoor and indoor environments. It requires two elements in order to thrive: moisture and a source of food. Many kinds of materials can serve as food sources for mold, including cardboard, wood, paper, paint, drywall, carpeting, and upholstery.

Due to their dependence on moisture, molds are often found in areas where a water leak has sprung, such as the area underneath a sink. They also have a habit of forming inside HVAC systems where moisture lingers. Mold is associated with a distinctive “musty” smell, although this is not always noticeable.

There are over 100,000 types of molds, which can be classified in three groups:

Allergenic – These cause allergic reactions, from mild to severe, in certain people. Most molds fall into this group.

Pathogenic – These molds can sicken those with weakened immune systems, such as elderly persons.

Toxigenic – The most dangerous type, these release mycotoxins that can induce serious health problems in human beings.

The types of molds you’re most likely to encounter indoors are Cladosporium, Aspergillus, and Penicillium.

Mold is often black, but this is not the only color in which it occurs. Green and blue are also commonly seen mold colors; others include orange, white, brown, red, and gray. The color of mold is not a reliable indicator of the potential health danger it may pose.

Although not all molds are dangerous, it’s always best to eliminate any growths you find in your home or business. According to California mold remediation guidelines, a building with visible mold growth can be declared "substandard.” (California Code, Health and Safety Code – HSC § 17920.3). That’s why it’s important to contact a California mold removal company as soon as you see a significant amount of mold growth in your home or place of business.

Health Effects of Mold Exposure

Airborne mold spores can trigger a wide range of health complications.

Allergenic molds often cause rashes, itchy skin, and watery eyes in susceptible persons. In more severe cases, affected individuals may experience dizziness, cramps, and vomiting.

Pathogenic molds can lead to outbreaks of skin and nail infections. More serious complications, including infections of the kidneys and lungs, are possible as well.

Exposure to toxigenic molds are associated with the worst health outcomes. These molds can trigger a number of adverse reactions, such as nausea, fever, liver disorders, and nervous system disorders.

How Disinfect CA Can Help

We have years of experience in mold testing, inspection, and abatement in Los Angeles, Orange County (including Irvine), San Bernardino, and other areas in the Southern California region. Our electrostatic disinfection service is powerfully effective at eliminating mold from every surface of a room. We use electrostatic sprays that discharge a sanitizing mist that circulates throughout the room, including hard-to-reach spaces. This process ensures that all areas are properly treated.

We’ll also inspect your HVAC equipment for mold growth and disinfect it as needed. An additional option is to let us install a permanent UVC disinfection system to provide 24/7 protection against airborne mold spores and other microorganisms that can impair health.

At the present time, State of California guidelines for mold remediation do not require a mold removal business in California to hold a specialized license for this service. For that reason, it is important to find a mold remediation company in California with a proven track record and lots of testimonials. That’s what you get when you work with Disinfect CA. We take care to follow all State of California mold remediation laws, guidelines, and requirements to help protect the health of our customers and safeguard their property.

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