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HVAC units play an important role in keeping us comfortable and healthy while we’re indoors. But sometimes our HVAC systems end up making us sick—by transmitting allergens and pathogens that cause serious illness. The solution is to install an ultraviolet (UV) system designed for HVAC units. Specialized UVC air disinfection lights protect indoor air quality and prevent respiratory ailments associated with HVAC units.

Disinfect CA can provide your home or place of business with the best HVAC UV light system available today.


The Benefits of UVC Light for HVAC Systems

The list of advantages associated with a well-functioning HVAC system is even longer than most people think. It goes beyond just keeping us cool in the summer and warm in the winter. An HVAC system can also improve indoor air quality, conserve energy, improve our sleep quality, keep out bugs and insects, and prevent electronics from overheating.

However, a HVAC system that isn’t functioning properly can’t provide all these benefits. In fact, it can even make us sick.

One quite common way that HVAC units cause illness is by enabling the growth of mold. As the air conditioning runs, condensation can form in the ducts and coils of the unit. This condensation is an ideal breeding ground for mold, which ends up being blasted into your rooms. These airborne mold spores can trigger serious respiratory problems, especially in people who suffer from asthma or a similar disorder.

Additionally, HVAC units can transfer viruses and bacteria from one area to another, putting people at risk of becoming ill. This equipment also has a tendency to pull in outdoor allergens such as pollen and ragweed.

The good news is that it’s possible to disinfect HVAC systems and prevent these problems from arising. UVC light air purifiers are highly effective at eliminating hazardous microorganisms (including COVID-19) that can endanger the health of people in the immediate area.  


How an Air Purifier with UVC Lights Operates

A UV light disinfection apparatus in an HVAC system can keep dangerous microorganisms from circulating. How can light do this? It’s simple—UVC (Ultraviolet C) light, which exists in the 200-280 nanometer range, has disinfecting characteristics. UVC light essentially renders pathogens incapable of replicating. It achieves this by penetrating cell walls and disrupting the DNA and RNA structures of these microorganisms. As a result, viruses and bacteria that have been exposed to UVC light cannot cause illness in human beings.

This means that an HVAC unit that has an air purifier with UVC light can remove the threat posed by mold spores, viruses, and bacteria. You get all the benefits of an HVAC system with none of the drawbacks.

We can set up a UV light filtration system in your HVAC units that will purify air and prevent dangerous microbes from harming anyone in the vicinity. We do this by installing special UVC air disinfection lights in your existing HVAC system. These UV lights for HVAC systems are designed to continuously shine powerful ultraviolet rays on the air that passes through the equipment—they basically function as HVAC duct disinfectants. This has the effect of sanitizing the air before it is propelled out of the unit. It also prevents mold from growing inside the machinery.

UVC light air purifiers for air conditioners will not harm human beings, and they are more effective than any EPA-approved HVAC disinfectant spray you’ll find on the market. The cost for the upgrade can usually be recuperate within 2 years because the air flow of your system is more efficient which means you use less electricity. It’s the green way to healthier air.


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An air purifier with UVC light can work wonders for your heating, ventilation, and air conditioning system, but it’s vital to leave the installation to trained professionals who have experience with UV systems for HVAC units. To ensure you’re getting the best UV lights for HVAC systems, contact Disinfect CA. We install UVC HVAC systems at a reasonable price.

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