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Permanent UVC Light Disinfection

Our permanent UVC disinfection system utilizes a combination of ultraviolet and far-ultraviolet light to provide comprehensive 24/7 protection against viruses and bacteria that can cause serious illness in human beings. While standard chemical-based disinfecting services sanitize rooms only temporarily, our UVC light sterilization systems work nonstop to prevent pathogens from wreaking havoc on the health of anyone in the area.


UVC and Far-UVC Light

UVC (ultraviolet C) light exists in the 200 to 280 nanometer (nm) range. Light in this range has germicidal characteristics—that is, it deactivates pathogens by interfering with their DNA and RNA, making it impossible for them to replicate. This removes the ability of these pathogens to cause illness. UVC light becomes most effectively germicidal at around 254 nanometers.

The problem with UVC light is that it can be harmful to the cells of the human skin and eyes, especially when these are exposed to this type of light for extended periods. For that reason, UVC light disinfection systems cannot be used in rooms that are currently occupied, which means person-to-person transmission of germs and viruses is possible during these times.

Fortunately, far-UVC light offers a solution to this problem. Far-UVC light is found at approximately 207–222 nanometers, and it has been shown to be very effective against germs and viruses but at the same time harmless to human cells. That characteristic makes it ideal for use as part of a UVC disinfection system in occupied rooms where person-to-person infection is a threat.  


How Our Permanent UVC Light Sterilization System Works

Our UVC disinfection installations exploit the power of ultraviolet light to keep rooms free from illness-causing pathogens. By automating UVC light fixtures to shut off in the presence of visitors, we ensure that no one is exposed to potentially harmful radiation. While in operation, the UVC light fixtures sanitize all surfaces of the room—countertops, metals, electronics, plastics, and more—to render the area completely pathogen-free. Overhead far-UVC lights are employed when and where appropriate to safeguard the health of human beings in the vicinity.

Our commercial UV light sanitizer systems are always customized to accommodate the specific characteristics of each affected room, ensuring that all zones are properly covered. HVAC disinfection machines serve as an additional protectant by sanitizing air particles on a continuous basis.


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Our UVC disinfection solutions work powerfully to eliminate traces of the COVID-19 virus and other hazardous pathogens. These systems can be installed in residential homes, private businesses, outdoor areas, and publicly accessible buildings of all kinds. We are a certified COVID-19 Disinfection Manager.

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